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App Store Optimization for Small Businesses

Mobile app store optimization  App stores are cracking down hard on low-quality / imitation style apps.  It seems like every other day a new app gets hugely popular in the app store and then along come 100 virtually identical "clones" that try to siphon off the popularity of the original app.  This is bad for both the app stores and for rewarding original, creative content.  Quality should always win trump quantity in a perfect world and while the app stores are far from perfect, they are aware of the issue and taking action.  Apple just recently announced in their 4.2.6 Review guidelines that "apps created from a commercialized template [...]

Top 4 Reasons Restaurants Need To Be On Instagram

Top 4 reasons your restaurant needs to be on Instagram Running a successful restaurant in today's digital, hyper-connected social media loving society is not easy.  Along with the traditional restaurant marketing techniques, owners are now finding themselves neck-deep in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hashtags, retweets, post likes, etc etc.  This new digital marketing landscape is both challenging and rewarding.  In this article, we are going to look specifically at Instagram and the top 4 reasons restaurants need to be on Instagram. A lot of you are probably asking "why Instagram"?  Well, first off, it has a lot of users.  When I say a lot, I'm talking over 600 million [...]

Top 4 Reasons Gyms Need A Mobile App

Top 4 Reasons Gyms Need A Mobile App Health and fitness is becoming one of the biggest industries in the world, with over a 7% annual growth rate. With people becoming more and more health conscious, gym memberships and usage is booming. Better yet, gyms are resistant to the so called "Amazon Effect" that is harming so many local industries. You can't pay online for someone to do your bench presses now can you? Exactly. That being said, technology is massively transforming the fitness center industry, namely through mobile apps. Today, nearly everybody has an Apple or Android smartphone.  Getting your own custom mobile app developed and designed specifically for your [...]

Top 4 reasons restaurants need to be on Facebook

Top 4 reasons restaurants need to be on Facebook Among all other social media platforms, Facebook is widely viewed as the most effective and inexpensive social media tool for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, food trucks and food chains. Today, there are more than 1.94 billion active users on Facebook.  More importantly for restaurant owners, there are over 65 million local business pages, many of which are restaurant or restaurant related. If you own a restaurant and you have not created a Facebook page for it, then you should check out the following reasons restaurants need to be on Facebook. Reason 1: You can keep in touch with your customers By asking your customers [...]

Why Small Businesses Need A Mobile Optimized Website

Why small businesses need a mobile optimized website Mоbilе Орtimizеd Wеbѕitе A mоbilе optimized website iѕ a wеbѕitе thаt is designed and developed with mobile devices as it's primary focus as opposed to desktop and laptops.  Mobile optimized websites dynamically reformat to be easily read and navigated оn smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. With mobile search having overtaken traditional search in 2015, chances are if someone is searching for your product or service they are doing it from a mobile device.  If your site is not mobile optimized, you won't get the business and, by extension, your competitor will. Not good.  If уоu'vе аlrеаdу brоwѕеd a non-optimized website [...]

Mobile Apps for Auto Dealerships – How Apps Boost Revenue and User Satisfaction

How Mobile Apps Increase Sales and Revenue for Auto Dealerships Buying a vehicle, whether it be new or used, is a big decision. Prior to the internet and, more specifically, the smartphone revolution, buying a new car required going to a dealership (often many dealerships) and speaking to a sales rep to gather information. According to a 2014 DME Automotive study, approximately 80% of consumers use the internet for car buying. The same study also found that the average consumer looked at 10 auto websites when trying to decide on a vehicle to purchase. Buyer's check multiple websites for the cheapest prices, delivery times, competitor deals and discounts, and much [...]