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Vancouver SEO

If you are looking for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Vancouver for your website, you’ve come to the right place. We are experienced, serious professionals that you can trust to optimize your website for ranking highly in the Search Engine Ranking Page’s (SERP’S). In the following paragraphs, we will give you an overview of the current SEO landscape as well as our own processes that ensure you get you the rank you need to be successful.

Vancouver Search Engine Optimization

First Thing: How The Search Engines Work

Google is not as secretive and “black box” as it used to be back when it came out in the late 90’s.  Google is essentially a giant algorithm that relies on “signals” to determine the relevance and value of a particular piece of web content.  This can be broken into two general categories: on-site content, i.e. the content of your page, use of title tags, structured data, load speed, etc., and off-site content: the number and, more importantly, the quality of pages/websites that link to your site.  Since the goal of Google is to provide the most relevant and useful results to user queries, these algorithms are constantly updated to ensure an experience of more and better research.


It is important to note that the goal of SEO is visibility on search engines and the resulting increase in organic traffic to your website. SEO is just one component of the so-called “Circle of Internet Marketing.”

For clarity, we have divided the Vancouver Search Engine Optimization services into 8 steps…

  • Keyword research and competitor study
  • Technical audit SEO: SEO Analysis
  • Writing an editorial plan
  • SEO Copywriting: creation and optimization of texts
  • On-site Optimization
  • Off-site Optimization
  • Monitoring: Measuring and continuous optimization
  • Reporting: Organic Traffic and Achievements

1) Keyword Research and Analysis of Competitors

Identifying performing keywords is critical to the success of an SEO strategy. To this end, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire to gather all the information we can about your business and the services/products you offer and promote. This information is needed to better understand your target market and evaluate your opportunities to rank.

Curdex uses professional tools like Keyword Planner, Google Adwords, Market Samurai, Keyword Finder, Spy Fu, etc. We also do a deep study of your competitors.  In particular, we are interested in what terms they rank for and their associated backlink profile.  With this information, we then determine what terms make the most sense for your site to rank for, with your input of course.  Finally, we create and more importantly execute on a plan of action to get you to the top of the SERP’s.

Do note: ranking terms vary wildly in difficulty; some terms are relatively easy to rank for (i.e low competition keywords) while some terms, often highly valuable ones, are harder to rank for (i.e. high competition keywords) and therefore take more time and effort to do so.  We like to pluck the “low-hanging fruit” right away for fast results while simultaneously building and executing a strategy to go after the high competition keywords.  High competition keywords take serious dedication and many months, potentially even years, to rank for.  We try to manage your expectations accordingly.

2) Technical SEO Audit: The SEO Analysis

The technical Search Engine Optimization Audit is a necessary step in ensuring your site is compliant with the various SEO best practices.

Here are some of the factors we look at:

  • Internal and external linking
  • Response codes and any 404/410 resources
  • Duplicate resources
  • Basic meta tags (title, description, keywords)
  • Resource directives (index, noindex, follow, nofollow)
  • Web server log files
  • Backlink profile: anchor, type, sources
  • Penalty diagnosis (rare)

Vancouver SEOOnce the audit is complete, we produce a document of analysis.  This document consists of a detailed plan to fix any issues or problems we encountered while also offering solutions and activities that can be done to increase visibility with the search engines.  We also include a proposal for a publishing (content management) plan.

3) Editorial Plan

The drafting, development, and execution of the Search Engine Optimization editorial plan are next. In order to rank highly in the search engines, you need to have good content.  The days of ranking highly with little or “thin” content are long gone.  Creating high-quality, engaging content is one of the best ways to attract and sell to people through your website.  Content needs to be useful, interesting and informative for users.  Google rewards sites that continuously produce quality content, usually via blogs or news pages, so serious consideration should be given to ongoing content creation.

4) SEO Copywriting: Creating and Optimizing Content

Copywriting involves the creation and optimization of texts to make them attractive for both your users and search engines. In the past, a great deal of copywriting was done primarily for the benefit of search engines, usually via a method called  “keyword stuffing”. Fortunately, these methods no longer work. Search Engines, particularly Google via it’s Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and Rankbrain functionality, no longer reward this outdated and frustrating tactic.  At Curdex, we write professional content that is designed with both your customer and search engines in mind.

5) On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization refers to all those optimizations that are performed specifically on website pages. These activities will focus on optimizing the site code directly.

Some examples of interventions on the code are:

  • Correct compilation of fundamental metatags
  • Implementation of the right guidelines to avoid duplicate content
  • Implementation of automated systems in order to get a sitemap in XML format of the site up to date and well compiled
  • Compilation or correction of the robots.txt file
  • Optimization of files CSS and JavaScript
  • Minimization of all files (CSS, JS, HTML, PHP, etc.)
  • Reduced CSS and JS references
  • Optimization and scaling of all the site images
  • Compiling all the fundamental attributes of the images
  • Compiling all the fundamental attributes of the links

At the end of these interventions, it will also result in both improved usability and speed of loading web pages.

6) Off-Page Optimization: Link Building

Off-Page strategy relates primarily to link building. Link building is done primarily through reaching out to other websites to get links pointed back at your domain. Links act as “votes of confidence” or “thumbs up” in the eyes of search engines. At Curdex, we select only quality sites with high relevance for the purpose of this phase of SEO. This is a stage of both research and action: “search” because we have to find and select relevant websites as trusted sources of links; “Action” as we contact webmasters of these sites requesting citations. Relevant sites are sites that are in your niche or are closely related.  They may include websites, blogs, and relevant forums.

Also, we take into account social networks and social signals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. but only to increase the virality of published content, as links from these sites have all the rel=”nofollow” attribute.  As a side note, while it has not been officially confirmed by Google, there is considerable anecdotal evidence that social signals like Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, etc., are in fact part of their search algorithm.

7) Monitoring: Measuring and Optimizing

We carefully monitor and analyze all our actions, including what works and what needs improving.  We use a variety of professional grade tools to assess our work and give detailed reports and updates. Also, we closely monitor your site with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools in order to provide important information on your site’s health and results.

Finally, we also use intelligence link tools such as Majestic SEO, SEMrush, and Ahrefs, that allow us to closely monitor the effectiveness of our link building strategies and off-page optimization.

8) Reporting: The Situation Is Under Control

At Curdex Media, we don’t expect you to blindly take our word that we are doing the right things.  Instead, we provide highly accurate reports that show you the exact results we are achieving.  We believe an informed customer is a happy customer. We believe in radical transparency at Curdex and we give you complete access to everything, including dashboards, tools, and reports.  Also, we will provide you with a monthly report with the list of all the Search Engine Optimization activities, metrics, and KPI’s, including:

  • Organic views
  • Search queries
  • Inbound links
  • Achievements


We hope we have summarized in clear and transparent language the strategy of the various SEO processes and services that we provide.  Please feel free to ask questions about any part of our procedures and processes as we are more than happy to answer any and all questions.  Curdex is the agency to choose if you are looking for a quality Vancouver Search Engine Optimization partner.